Eurosport Nutrition – review

Eurosport Nutrition came on the market a few years ago. An already saturated market. So the question is; does Eurosport Nutrition add something to that?

I’ll be honest, I know people behind the brand, so I hope they will be very succesful. But still I also want to be objective. Honesty is my middle name;-) so, even though I wish the people from Eurosport Nutrition all the best, I’m being as honest as always.

So here we go…

Oat Bar

The Oat Bar is a bar with slow and complex carbohydrates for short and medium term effect. So you can use them for longer days in the saddle. It’s easy to unwrap the bar, and the bar stands out in how easy it is to swallow. That’s a game changer, because that allows you to keep breathing while eating. As I’m trying to be as vegan as possible, I like the fact it’s vegan and they use real fruit in the fruit flavoured bars. The Oat Bar gives a saturated feel and they taste great.

Energy Bar

This Energy Bar is all about the clever 2:1-ratio between glucose and fructose. Glucose (also known as dextrose) is the most important source of fuel for the body. With normal nutrition you can convert a maximum of around 60 grams of sugar to energy per hour. With a 2:1-ratio between glucose and fructose the conversion rate can increase to 90 grams.

A big mistake that most cyclists (still) make is they eat as little as possible during their trainings to lose or not to gain weight. That’s such a big mistake! If your training takes more than 2 hours, it’s most important to fuel as much as your body is able to convert every hour. This makes you able to stay as fresh as possible till the end of your training. It makes your training so much more effective and it also prevents binge eating after your ride! Don’t exaggerate your intake before training, so, after the first hour, you’re ready to digest your first intake. It’s better to eat a little less the rest of the day, after your ride when you want to lose or not gain weight.

Just as the Oat Bar, the Energy Bar also consists of naturally based ingredients. This bar melts in your mouth, so swallowing is even better than the Oat Bar. I love the cherry flavoured ones.

Energy Gel + Caffeine

I didn’t use energy gels, because I thought bars would be better for my stomach. But there I was wrong, because gels are a good way to prevent your stomach is getting overfilled. This is when you find the correct ones, that your stomach holds. So nowadays I try to find a good balance between gels and bars during Cyclosportives. It’s important not to use products you’ve never used before, so during racing you can be sure that you don’t upset your stomach. So I also use gels during training.

The package is very easy to open with your teeth thanks to the tought out design. The flavour is good, and they are not too sweet. You can wash away with a sip of drink, but it’s not especially needed. It has the right amount of caffeine for me, that might be a help at the end of the day.

Isotonic Sports Drink

The Isotonic Sports Drink also uses the 2:1 ratio between glucose and fructose. Because of all the added essential minerals it’s a bit salty, but I like it and I think it might help not to make it too sweet. Like a few other brands it has a low pH value and therefor does not upset your stomach. I love the strawberry flavour. You only need one scoop per bottle, so that speeds up your preparation a little.

Spatzwear NEOZ gloves – review

Always cold? These gloves are the bomb!

For many years I’m looking for a pair of winter gloves that make me survive those foul weather winter rides. I’ve tried all kind of winter specific gloves, most very expensive, but never seemed to find a pair that prevented me from not being able to grab my keys when I arrived back home after a winter training. Many times I hoisted myself hypothermia in the shower…

Because I was satisfied with the Spatzwear THRMOZ GLOVZ till 5 degrees, and I know surfers can stay in the North See for hours in winter, wearing their neoprene suits, I decided to send an e-mail to the company asking whether the NEOZ would be a better option than the ones I allready had. Their answer was that the NEOZ would be a better choice for the Belgian winters indeed, so I decided to order a pair of them.

I rode these neoprene gloves on 4+ hours of training, around freezing point, in the rain and I absolutely love them! By far the warmest winter foul weather glove I’ve experienced! I wear them with thin merino Sealskinz liners and they by far beat the thickest winter gloves I tried, such as Assos deep winter gloves, the Sealskinz Extreme Cold Weather gloves and even various lobster gloves. At a few moments I could feel the tip of my thumb and index finger turning a bit cold, but only for a small moment, and after which they warmed up again. I guess this is caused by the sizing in combination with the extra liners, so if they make the thumb and index finger of these gloves a little longer that would be an usefull improvement. This seems to be a problem with most winter gloves though.

Can I recommend these gloves? HELL YES!


  • Good price quality
  • Neoprene gloves rock in winter, also when wet
  • First winter gloves that made me smile:-)


  • Might be to sweaty when temperatures rise, so probably only suited for winter rides below 5 degrees Celsius
  • Thumb and index finger could be longer

Operate both derailleurs (mechanical groupset) with the same hand

Does your bike has a front derailleur and do you want to operate both the rear- as the front derailleur with the same hand on a dropbar bike, than you can use a mechanical time trial shifter.

Shimano time trial shifter for frontderailleur operation

A lot of bikes nowadays come with an electronical groupset. But when you buy / own a bike with a mechanical groupset, than you can use this lightweight and simple solution. Be sure you mount a front- or rear derailleur specific time trial shifter, because of the indexing!

1 lever 2 (mechanic) brakes

When you have to operate both front as rear brake but only can use one hand, a cable doubler/splitter comes in handy. For this you can perfectly use a splitter which mountainbikers use to lockout both front as rear suspension with one lever! Suspension manufacturer Fox produces such remote lockout splitters, for example the “Fox 2014 – 2017 AM Splitter”:

Fox remote splitter

One cable runs from the brake lever through the splitter, directly to the front brake. The other cable runs from the splitter to the rear brake. This provides a 100% safe connection.

On the left, one cable goes in, on the right, two cables come out. (disgard the little electronical wire)


The Problem Solvers Cable Doubler is a very, very dangerous solution!

The Problem Solvers Cable Doubler can come loose during a training ride

The pulling cable doesn’t run through the splitter but is secured with a very tiny bolt inside the splitter. So, when this comes loose, you’re out of brakes! Despite of perfect maintenance this happened to us, so we know what we’re talking about. Fortunately it happened at very low speed, with no traffic or other obstacles on the road. Otherwise this could have caused severe injury or even death…

Because you are pulling two brakes, you need a little more pressure when sqeezing your brake lever. So you want to use cables with as low friction as possible. Therefor you can best use coated cables such as the Shimano coated brake cables.

Arm orthosis / prosthesis with Free Lock

Thank god someone invented the Free Lock! The Free Lock is a safe and stable gripping system for your orthosis or prosthesis. The Free Lock is an invention of the company Stel Orthopedie, in my opinion the number one company worldwide for custom solutions cyclists with a disability.

Because of a brachial plexus injury I have to use an orthosis for my left arm.

Some beach fun with the left arm orthosis with Free Lock
Prepeg carbon lightweight orthosis
Free Lock fitting system for road bikes
Free Lock close up
For flatbars you can use (foam) grips, 2 tiewraps and 2 pieces of hose with a small diameter to create a safe construction to attach your Free Lock

Here’s what it looks like on the bike:

My orthesis comes with a hinge which is supported by a gas damper, so when I put a little pressure on it, I can ride in the drops on my road- and gravelbike, or take on an aerodynamic position on a bike with a flatbar.

Check for more info, images and videos.

1 hand 2 (hydraulic) brakes

Only one hand and want to control two brakes? Outbraker has got the perfect solution for hydraulic disc brakes! With the Outbraker Booster Brake Splitter you can safely brake with one hand.

I am using the Outbraker Booster Brake Splitter on my road bike as well as on my gravel bike for quite some time now, and absolutely love it. It’s almost maintenance free, you only need to change your brake fluid once in a while. But that’s inherent to hydraulic disc brakes anyway. You can install it with standard Shimano connectors on Shimano brake hoses, but Outbraker also offers a Brake Hose Adapter kit that can be used for other brands. When you want to use the Splitter on a MTB with Shimano, SRAM, Tektro or Hayes you can fit it directly on the lever.

Outbraker fitted diectly on MTB Shimano XTR lever
Outbraker Booster Brake Splitter fitted on Shimano road bike

Check for alle specs, or order on there online shop.