Crank Brothers Speedier Tire Lever – review

Not every cyclist and paracyclist finds it equally easy to replace an inner tube. Believe it or not, there are still many people who therefore prefer not to cycle alone because they are afraid of having a flat tire. I always carry a few standard tire levers with me, and although I can only use one arm as a paracyclist, I have no problem changing a tire.

But if you are hesitant or are looking for an easier way to (dis)assemble an outer tire, the Crankbrothers Speedier Tire Lever might be your solution!

The Speedier has two sides. One for removing the tire and one for putting it back on.

Place the left side on the rim and just gently push along the rim to lift your tire.
Just push the Speedier along the rim. Easy does it:-)
The leftside on the picture is used to mount the tire.
Hook the left side onto the rim flange and simply push the Speedier along the rim flange and the tire will pop back on with ease.

As you can see, you only need one Speedier for both the assembly and disassembly of the tire. The Speedier is also a perfect addition to my bike tools for myself. New tires are often very stiff and the initial installation often takes a lot of effort. With the Speedier this is now a piece of cake and it saves time, painful thumbs and painful hands. It’s still not very big, but it’s a little bigger than a pair of standard tire levers.

ShoeDry Ozone – shoedryer review

When you ride all year round a shoedryer is an accessory that might enlighten your life.

It’s raining, you’re training, but what about your precious slippers?! That’s when a shoedryer might be a valuable accessory…

Here’s what I do:

1: First rub off excessive dirt with a soft brush.

2: Wash down most of the remaining dirt.

3: Soak in water, add some mild laundry detergent.

4: Clean with an old dish brush.

5: Dry excessive water with a towel.

6: Place your darlings on a shoe dryer .

The ShoeDry has a dry and a ozone function. Ozone would kill all bacteria and therefor make your shoes smell forest fresh, but I doubt this one does;-) I also have my doubts about the lifespan of the ShoeDry Ozone, because after 2 years it starts making funny noises already, that explains my rating for this specific shoedryer.

However, because I have to deal with the Belgian climate, I really like a shoedryer in general.