Arm orthosis / prosthesis with Free Lock

Thank god someone invented the Free Lock! The Free Lock is a safe and stable gripping system for your orthosis or prosthesis. The Free Lock is an invention of the company Stel Orthopedie, in my opinion the number one company worldwide for custom solutions cyclists with a disability.

Because of a brachial plexus injury I have to use an orthosis for my left arm.

Some beach fun with the left arm orthosis with Free Lock
Prepeg carbon lightweight orthosis
Free Lock fitting system for road bikes
Free Lock close up
For flatbars you can use (foam) grips, 2 tiewraps and 2 pieces of hose with a small diameter to create a safe construction to attach your Free Lock

Here’s what it looks like on the bike:

My orthesis comes with a hinge which is supported by a gas damper, so when I put a little pressure on it, I can ride in the drops on my road- and gravelbike, or take on an aerodynamic position on a bike with a flatbar.

Check for more info, images and videos.

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