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  • 1 hand 2 (hydraulic) brakes
    Only one hand and want to control two brakes? Outbraker has got the perfect solution for hydraulic disc brakes! With the Outbraker Booster Brake Splitter you can safely brake with one hand. I am using the Outbraker Booster Brake Splitter on my road bike as well as on my gravel bike for quite some time […]
  • 1 lever 2 (mechanic) brakes
    When you have to operate both front as rear brake but only can use one hand, a cable doubler/splitter comes in handy. For this you can perfectly use a splitter which mountainbikers use to lockout both front as rear suspension with one lever! Suspension manufacturer Fox produces such remote lockout splitters, for example the “Fox […]
  • Arm orthosis / prosthesis with Free Lock
    Thank god someone invented the Free Lock! The Free Lock is a safe and stable gripping system for your orthosis or prosthesis. The Free Lock is an invention of the company Stel Orthopedie, in my opinion the number one company worldwide for custom solutions cyclists with a disability. Because of a brachial plexus injury I […]
  • One hand, two levers, two brakes (hydraulic mountainbike)
    Looking for a solution to control both brake levers with one hand, so you can control the amount of brake power of front and rear brake yourself? Than the Hope Tech 3 Duo might be what your looking for. The Hope Tech 3 Duo operates 2 calipers individually from a single master cylinder. On the […]
  • Operate both derailleurs (mechanical groupset) with the same hand
    Does your bike has a front derailleur and do you want to operate both the rear- as the front derailleur with the same hand on a dropbar bike, than you can use a mechanical time trial shifter. A lot of bikes nowadays come with an electronical groupset. But when you buy / own a bike […]