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  • Cervélo Áspero – long term review
    Gravel is hot and here to stay, no doubt about that! Gravel is interpreted different by each individual. Some love endless straight roads of perfect gravel, while others don’t mind riding through dirt all day, while others bring there tarp absolutely everywere. The Cervélo Áspero is the first off-road bike from the company and is […]


  • Spatzwear NEOZ gloves – review
    Always cold? These gloves are the bomb! For many years I’m looking for a pair of winter gloves that make me survive those foul weather winter rides. I’ve tried all kind of winter specific gloves, most very expensive, but never seemed to find a pair that prevented me from not being able to grab my […]


  • Eurosport Nutrition – review
    Eurosport Nutrition came on the market a few years ago. An already saturated market. So the question is; does Eurosport Nutrition add something to that? I’ll be honest, I know people behind the brand, so I hope they will be very succesful. But still I also want to be objective. Honesty is my middle name;-) […]



  • REVO LOOP Race Ultra – inner tubes review
    These babies will make your bike a little lighter! They tipped 23 g on the scale, they are very easy to install and feel a lot stronger than you would expect. And who doesn’t like the black valves? But they are so f$%#@% expensive! But wait, maybe you can justify it to yourself, or should […]

Personal care

  • Kwakzalver Bal-sem – chamois crème review
    The Kwakzalver Bal-sem turns out to be the best chamois crème I’ve ever experienced. I love the pump, and wonder why Kwakzalver Sports is the first company to think of this. That shows how much thought they put in their products. Two pumps is enough for a whole day in the saddle. The pump also saves you […]