REVO LOOP Race Ultra – inner tubes review

These babies will make your bike a little lighter! They tipped 23 g on the scale, they are very easy to install and feel a lot stronger than you would expect. And who doesn’t like the black valves?

But they are so f$%#@% expensive!

But wait, maybe you can justify it to yourself, or should I say partner;-) A Schwalbe extra light inner tube for example, weighs 65 grams and costs €12,50. So you save 65 – 23 = 42 g per inner tube. Times 2 = 84 g. This 84 g comes with a cost of (€35,95 – €12,50) * 2 = €46,90. When you want to save 84 g on other parts, wheels or frameset you are likely have to spent more than €46,90…

They are so small, you can save a lot of space (and another 42 g or more) in your back pockets. But that said I prefer to bring a butyl spare inner tube instead. It’s a little more reassuring when you get a puncture and you can still replace it afterwards for a Revo Loop.


I have regularly had a slump, including in full descent and with different inner and outer tires. This also happened to me with the Aerothan.

If I had known this in advance I would never have taken this risk to save a little weight! If you still want a light inner tube, take a look at the Continental Supersonic, these are also super light and nice and compact, but a lot more solid.


In my experience far too risky to even remotely justify the difference in weight.

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