• South Limburg (The Netherlands), Voerstreek (Belgium)
    Often I tend to build my route based on a perfect coffee stop. This time it was different. It turned out that one of our favourite routes passed it, but we just didn’t know it yet… Belgian newspaper “Het Nieuwsblad”, world famous for the spring classic “Omloop Het Nieuwsblad”, every year has this competion where […]


  • Gravel – Antitankgracht (anti-tank canal)
    This fabolous gravelride starts in Baarle-Hertog (B) / Baarle-Nassau (NL) this unique village is worldwide known because it’s part Belgium and part Dutch. Some of the shops and houses litteraly are located part in Belgium and part in The Netherlands. There are 22 Baarle-Hertog exclaves in Baarle-Nassau and 8 Baarle-Nassau exclaves in Baarle-Hertog. A number […]
  • BKRS Unbound (NL)
    In the province “North-Holland” in The Netherlands, you can’t find much gravel. But this route is really worth the ride and became one of my favorite gravel rides in The Netherlands. Beautiful coast sceneries and some endless perfect gravel roads is what to expect. You even ride along the “Waddenzee” which is on the Unesco […]