ShoeDry Ozone – shoedryer review

When you ride all year round a shoedryer is an accessory that might enlighten your life.

It’s raining, you’re training, but what about your precious slippers?! That’s when a shoedryer might be a valuable accessory…

Here’s what I do:

1: First rub off excessive dirt with a soft brush.

2: Wash down most of the remaining dirt.

3: Soak in water, add some mild laundry detergent.

4: Clean with an old dish brush.

5: Dry excessive water with a towel.

6: Place your darlings on a shoe dryer .

The ShoeDry has a dry and a ozone function. Ozone would kill all bacteria and therefor make your shoes smell forest fresh, but I doubt this one does;-) I also have my doubts about the lifespan of the ShoeDry Ozone, because after 2 years it starts making funny noises already, that explains my rating for this specific shoedryer.

However, because I have to deal with the Belgian climate, I really like a shoedryer in general.

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