Spatzwear NEOZ gloves – review

Always cold? These gloves are the bomb!

For many years I’m looking for a pair of winter gloves that make me survive those foul weather winter rides. I’ve tried all kind of winter specific gloves, most very expensive, but never seemed to find a pair that prevented me from not being able to grab my keys when I arrived back home after a winter training. Many times I hoisted myself hypothermia in the shower…

Because I was satisfied with the Spatzwear THRMOZ GLOVZ till 5 degrees, and I know surfers can stay in the North See for hours in winter, wearing their neoprene suits, I decided to send an e-mail to the company asking whether the NEOZ would be a better option than the ones I allready had. Their answer was that the NEOZ would be a better choice for the Belgian winters indeed, so I decided to order a pair of them.

I rode these neoprene gloves on 4+ hours of training, around freezing point, in the rain and I absolutely love them! By far the warmest winter foul weather glove I’ve experienced! I wear them with thin merino Sealskinz liners and they by far beat the thickest winter gloves I tried, such as Assos deep winter gloves, the Sealskinz Extreme Cold Weather gloves and even various lobster gloves. At a few moments I could feel the tip of my thumb and index finger turning a bit cold, but only for a small moment, and after which they warmed up again. I guess this is caused by the sizing in combination with the extra liners, so if they make the thumb and index finger of these gloves a little longer that would be an usefull improvement. This seems to be a problem with most winter gloves though.

Can I recommend these gloves? HELL YES!


  • Good price quality
  • Neoprene gloves rock in winter, also when wet
  • First winter gloves that made me smile:-)


  • Might be to sweaty when temperatures rise, so probably only suited for winter rides below 5 degrees Celsius
  • Thumb and index finger could be longer

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